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We have therapy sessions every week, with flexible timings for certain groups. It's all about finding what works best for you! Each session lasts between 75 and 120 minutes. We have both "closed" groups, with a fixed set of participants, and "open" groups that welcome new members throughout the course. At GroupWorkx, we prioritize personalized attention by maintaining small groups with 6-12 participants. Our focus is on providing specialized group therapy while ensuring your privacy and confidentiality.

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1. Strength in Numbers: Family & Friends of Those Struggling with Addiction

This group provides a compassionate and confidential sanctuary for individuals supporting their loved ones through addiction challenges. Get valuable insights into addiction as a disease, effective coping strategies, setting boundaries, and self-care. This inclusive group welcomes anyone seeking support and knowledge on assisting their loved ones effectively. Through our group, you will combat the feeling of loneliness, broaden understanding, and enhance coping skills for a brighter future.

2. Freedom Fighters: For those Struggling with Addiction

This professionally led private group is for individuals dealing with addiction. Whether it's alcohol, drugs, or behavioral issues, we provide a safe and supportive space for recovery. Here, we share experiences, challenges, and victories, forming a community that understands addiction's complexities. We'll explore addiction, strategies to prevent relapse, coping skills, and ways to pursue a healthier, balanced life. Join us at any stage of recovery - you'll enjoy benefits like reduced isolation, better self-understanding, and practical tools for a substance-free lifestyle.

3. Stronger Together: For Those with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, PTSD, and Grief

This group offers a safe haven for people dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or grief. Here, we create an environment for sharing experiences, learning coping techniques, and building resilience. Get a deep understanding of your emotions and experiences while gaining practical strategies to handle stress, and experience the power of genuine connection and belonging.

4. Breaking Codependency: Healing Negative Relationship Patterns

This group helps individuals recognize and break patterns of codependency in their relationships. You'll learn how to spot codependent behaviors, set boundaries, and strive for healthier connections. It's especially beneficial for those who often prioritize others' needs over their own. Expect some amazing outcomes like enhanced self-awareness, healthier relationship patterns, and boosted self-esteem.

5. Self-Care Construction: The Empowerment of Self-Love

This group is all about helping you create your own self-care routine. We believe that taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it's a must. Explore what self-care means to you and we'll support you in making it a part of your everyday life. You'll experience better emotional and physical health, less stress, and increased satisfaction with life.

6. Surviving Teenagers: Parents/Guardians Discuss the Difficulties of Raising Teens

This group is here for parents and caregivers of teenagers, providing a safe space to share challenges and discover effective parenting strategies. You can gain fresh parenting insights, find support from others going through similar experiences, and nurture healthier relationships with your teenagers.

7. Struggles and Solutions: ADHD and Bipolar all-encompassing support and strategies

This group provides a safe space for individuals with ADHD to connect and share experiences, strategies, and encouragement. This is particularly helpful for adults diagnosed with ADHD or people who think they might have ADHD. Members get practical advice on managing symptoms, boosting focus, and navigating relationships.

8. Helping the Helpers: Supporting Those Caring for Others

This group is for those who dedicate themselves to caring for others and struggle to take care of themselves in return. We're here to support each other and reduce burnout and emotional exhaustion. In this group, we learn practical strategies to balance caregiving and personal well-being. Enhance your emotional resilience, gain valuable caregiving insights, and foster meaningful connections with fellow caregivers!

9. Coaching Couples: Building Strong and Healthy Relationships Together

This group helps couples strengthen their relationships by providing communication tools and strategies. By understanding patterns and exploring effective ways of communicating, you'll learn to resolve conflicts and deepen your connection. It's great for any couple looking to improve their relationship, with key benefits like better communication, deeper intimacy, and mutual understanding.

10. Fusion: Women Only

This women-only group provides a safe and supportive space to navigate personal challenges and celebrate victories. You'll experience a strong sense of community, boost your self-esteem, and feel empowered to pursue your personal goals. It's an opportunity for personal growth, fostering self-confidence along the way.

11. Ignition: Men Only

This men-only group offers a safe environment to discuss challenges, stressors, and personal growth. Here we challenge traditional masculinity norms and promote emotional openness. As a member, you can anticipate reduced feelings of isolation, improved emotional health, and increased self-awareness.

12. Not In A Box: A Healthy Space for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming

This inclusive group is dedicated to nonbinary individuals seeking a safe, affirming space to explore their identities, share experiences, and find support. "Not In A Box'' acknowledges and respects the vast spectrum of gender identities that exist beyond the binary system. In our group, members engage in discussions covering a range of topics including societal expectations, self-expression, relationships, and mental health. Our goal is to empower you to be your authentic self and navigate life with confidence as a nonbinary individual. You'll discover a sense of belonging, grow your self-confidence, and gain valuable strategies for navigating daily life and relationships.

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